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Welcome to the astronomy of New York
    NYSkies is the support group for home astronomy in the New York cosmopolitan area. This is substantially the commuting ring around the City, out to about 100 kilometers from the Empire State Building, plus all of Long Island. We are incorporated in New York State as 'NYSkies Astronomy Inc', a not-for-profit organization.
    NYSkies is not a club in the usual sense, but a service and resource for other clubs and individual astronomers. We do not recruit members, altho our supporters are commonly referred to as such. We, therefore, neither collect nor solicit dues. We receive continual and generous donations, to which you are graciously welcome to add.

    We inaugurated our website on 29 August 2007 and unveiled it on September 1st. General inquiries are received at 'nyskies@nyskies.org'.
    Please mind  that we are at 'www.nyskies.org'. There can be other websites with '.com', '.net', &c, not '.org'. They have absolutely no relation to NYSkies Astronomy Inc.

NYSkies Astronomy Seminar
The NYSkies Astronomy Seminar is a round table free-form discussion for current astronomy topics. They convene in McBurney Hall, 125 West 14th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue, Manhattan.
   Sessions are on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month, year round. They are free and open to the public. They start at 6:30PM and wind down by 9:30PM.
    There are no cancellations except by overwhelming circumstance, like a transit strike or storm evacuation.
    A fuller description is

NYSkies Yahoogroup forum

NYSkies runs New York's free public astronomy forum. Hosted by the Yahoogroups system, it is the only open soapbox for New York astronomy.
    You may join by clicking
HERE to open your email program. Just do 'send' without entering subject or text. Any that you do enter is ignored by Yahoogroups.
    You may also join thru the Yahoogroups website. If you already are in the Yahoogroups system, for other discussion fora, click
HERE. In the logon screen, enter your Yahoogroups name and password, then do 'join' to meld in the NYSkies forum. If you not be a Yahoogroups registrant, go thru the signup process as instructed by the logon screen.

NYC Events
   NYC Events is the definitive authoritative calendar of astronomy and space activities in the New York region. The current issue is HERE. The next month's issue is posted, replacing the old issue, near the end of each month. An explanation, with answers to frequently asked questions, is HERE

RASC Observer's Handbook
NYSkies once again offers the RASC Observer's Handbook at deep discount to astronomers in the US. The damage, of only $22 per copy, including pack & post to you. 
    By getting your request to us early, you will be the first to get the book soonest it is delivered to us by RASC. You should have the Observer's Handbook in your hand by late November. The coupon is
    If you are from an astronomy club you may consider filling your member requests thru NYSkies, as explained
HERE for the current edition.

Starviewing in the City
    NYSkies offers starviewng in Central Park, Manhattan, and Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn. The Central Park series is operated by a colleague group Top of the Lawn on  clear weekend nights thruout the year. Details
    The Floyd Bennett Field series is run in conjunction with the National Park Service once per month in the spring and fall. The current schedule is
    Sessions at both sites are cancelled for clouds.

NYSkies cooperates with several astronnomy services in and around New York:
* City of Stars and Grand Central Terminal tours
* Globe at Night and Earth Hour.
  Details HERE.
* Inwood Astronomy Project. Details HERE
* Earth Day New York
* Northeast Astronomy Forum. Details
* World Science Festival. Details
* Night Sky Network. Details

Articles by NYSkies supporters.

Browse, read, print them HERE

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