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    Here are articles on various astronomy and related subjects. They 
are arranged by author, as listed below. As new authors enroll in this 
section, they are added to this list. Click on the author to get a 
index of his articles, from which you may then pick an article. 
    John Pazmino          Stewart Rorer         Stephen Lieber 
    Within each author, articles are arranged by date of release. When 
an article is revised or replaced, it shifts to its new release date. 
    You don't have to give us a piece you already published elsewhere 
in Internet. Give us the date, title, and a link to the article. To 
publish your astronomy piece in NYSkies, consider the factors below. 
Subjects and topics
    New York astronomers have long excelled in making the City one of 
the more important centers for our profession. That includes both the 
campus and home sectors. Many have become strong NYSkies supporters. 
    The writings, presentations, dialog, and general interaction of 
New York astronomers show an 'added-value' quality, There's new 
astronomy in them, not just a rehash of content from elsewhere. 
    Hence, NYSkies has little worry about the topic or subject for 
your article. If it has that ring of City astronomy in it, it's good. 
Ideas for an article can come from: 

        watching a celestial event like an eclipse or comet 
        attending an astronomy  conference, starparty, convention 
        viewing an astronomy show, lecture, exhibit
        acquiring an interesting astronomy gadget or instrument 
        explaining an astronomy concept poorly treated elsewhere 
        answering inquiries received during astronomy activity
        visiting astronomy places like observatories and planetaria
        reviewing a new book, film, video 
        building a telescope or other astronomy device 

    New York astronomers are fully integrated into City life and take 
part in cultural offerings of the City. Some of these activities can 
be topics for articles, like 

        following major construction projects
        social or political themes bearing on astronomy
        astronomy features included in other projects 
        lectures, shows, exhibits, tours supporting astronomy 
        work in science, engineering, technology, human betterment 
    Write in plain-text style with no peculiar symbols or dingbats. 
Write equations and formulae in a linear form, like BASIC or FORTRAN 
code. You may follow any reasonable standard of writing style. 
    Any reader -- from anywhere in the world thru our website -- may 
inquire after statements made in your article. Please exert prudent, 
reasonable, diligent effort in writing your article. 
    Remember they we are now in the new millennium, no longer in the 
old one. Your piece published here leaves behind the Fred Flintstone 
units of measure. You don't have to fit everything into a strict SI 
scheme. A relaxed or vernacular metric system is acceptable.  
    Please do a spell and grammar check. NYSkies will, if you ask, do 
this for you, but will not otherwise disturb your writing. We may 
offer suggestions to improve your article, which you may take into 
your article before releasing it for publishing here. 
    We adjust the margins and paragraphs of your article to reduce 
white space and make it printer-friendly. This alteration could upset 
critical layout. You may want to take care of the margins and 
paragraphs in the original piece. 
    Graphics and illustrations should specificly support your article 
and be referenced in the text. Avoid those used merely as decoration. 
    Resize your images to less than 300Kb each. Pictures made with 
digital cameras and scanners are overwhelmingly too large in their raw 
form, typicly being many megabytes. 
    Altering the dimensions on screen by moving the borders of the 
picture does NOT reduce the bytesize of the image. Cropping an 
original to keep just the important part for the article does reduce 
the bytesize roughly in proportion to the cropped area. 
    A deliberate resizing or resampling or color depth reduction may 
be required. These you do in an image processor like PhotoShop or 
Paint Shop Pro. 
Video and audio features 
    NYSkies can not accommodate video and audio files due to their 
excessive bytesize. If feasible, link to them at an external location. 
Outside sources 
    Give credit in the text for material, like pictures, taken from an outside
source, those not originating from you. Self-created pictures include
those from digital camera, planetarium program, paintbox or artist 
program, and hand drawing. 
    It can be tough to figure out the source of pictures taken from 
websites. It is common that a picture on a website is itself taken 
from an unspecified source. it is well enough to state that the 
picture is in fact taken, adapted, borrowed, what ever, to inform the 
reader that it is an externally created image. 
    Altho NYSkies is proud to publish your astronomy article, you 
retain all property and control over it. You may exercise your article 
elsewhere as you like. Do mind that once published here, anyone may 
freely and openly save and print your piece without restriction. A 
piece designed for a confined distribution would best be left off of 
NYSkies and other openly accessible websites. 

Last updated on 28 November 2007

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