Audio-Video files for NYSkies Semiinar
    This page holds the audio-video files for our stay-home Seminars.  
Each Seminar has two files, named with the issue date (yymmdd), ending 
with 'a' or 'v'. 'a' is the audio file; 'v', video. For a made-up 
example, the files for our inaugural Seminar of 2005 March 17 are 
'050317a.mp3' and '050317v.ppt'. 
    Download the files to your computer for playing. Playing them 
directly from the web can cause chatter,skips, freeze.  Storing the files 
locally also allows you to play them away from the net and frees them 
for others to download. You may play the files at any time, not 
just on the issue date. 
     Set up the video file for its first picture and then start 
playing the audio file . The audio file prompts you 
to scroll to the next picture in the video file. The 
pictures are numbered for reference during the Seminar and 
for questions or comments afterwards.
    While there is n o live interaction with the sessions, you can 
put questions and comments to me thru the NYSkies email group at 

Besides myself, the other astronomers in the group may handle your 
    To subscribe to the group, send an empty email (any text in it, 
including the subject, is ignored) to

    The group is a general discussion forum for home astronomy, and 
not only for handling Seminar inquiries. Please put your notices and 
astronomy-related notices, news, questions there. 
    The files for the current and previous two Seminars are in this 
page below. Older ones are moved to offline storage. Be sure to keep 
those you want to play again in the future. 
 = = = = =
audio-video files for digital Seminars
Files for 2021 Seminars are HERE.

 20107a.mp3   220107v.ppt    A BARE EYE STAR WITH A BLACKHOLE COMPANION
220121a.mp3   220121v.ppt    KEPLER'S LAWS OF PLANETARY MOTION
220204a.mp3   220204v.ppt    HUNTING FOR EXTRASOLAR PLANETS
220218a.mp3  220218v.ppt    WHAT ARE ORBITAL ELEMENTS?
220304a.mp3  220304v.ppt    SPRINGTIME IN THE STARS  
220318a.mp3  220318v.ppt     FIRST CRESCENT OF THE NEW MONTH 
220401a.mp3  220401v.ppt    THE OMEGA CENTAURI CHALLENGE  
220415a.mp3  220415v.ppt    STELLAR SPECTRAL TYPES
220506a.mp3  220506v.ppt    LUNAR ECLIPSE OF 2022 MAY 15-16
220520a.mp3  220520v.ppt   MANHATTANHENGE
220603a.mp3  220603v.ppt   THE ASTROLABE
220617a.mp3  220617v.ppt   SUMMER STARS OVER NEW YORK
220701a.mp3  220701v.ppt   OBSERVING ASTEROIDS
220715a.mp3  220715v.ppt   SATURN IN 2022
220805a.mp3  220805v.ppt   PERSEID METEORS IN 2022
220819a.mp3  220819v.ppt   JUPITER IN 2022
220902a.mp3  220902v.ppt  ASTROLOGY FOR ASTROOMERS 
220916a.mp3  220916v.ppt   NEW YORK SKIES IN FALL 2022 
221007a.mp3  221007v.ppt  MARS IN 2022
221021a.mp3  221021v.ppt  LUNAR ECLIPSE OF 2022 NOVEMBER 8
221104a.mp3  221104v.ppt   HORIZONTAL ECLIPSES
221118a.mp3  221118v.ppt   HERTZSPRUNG RUSSELL DIAGRAM
221202a.mp3  221202v.ppt  THE STARS OF WINTER 2022-2023
221216a.mp3  221216v.ppt  BLACKBODY RADIATION
230106a.mp3  230106v.ppt  PARALLAX
230120a.mp3  230120v.ppt  VENUS IN 2023
230203a.mp3  230203v.ppt  THE MOON'S ORBIT
230217a.mp3  230217v.ppt  FIRST CRESCENT OF SPIRNG 2023
230303a.mp3  230303v.ppt  SPRINGTIME STARS IN 2023
230217a.mp3  230217v.ppt   FIRST CRESCENT OF SPIRNG 2023
23030317mp3 230317v.ppt 2023 OMEGA CENTAURI CHALLENGE
230407a.mp3  230407v.ppt  HALOS AROUND THE SUN
230421a.mp3  230421v.ppt  THE MILKY WAY AND ITS DEEPSKY TARGETS
230505a.mp3  230505v.ppt  OMICRON CETI, STELLA MIRA
230519a.mp3  230519.vppt  MANHATTANHENGE 2023
230602a.mp3  230602v.ppt   DOING ASTRONOMY IFROM SPACE  
230616a.mp3   230616v.ppt  2023 SUMMER STARS OF NEW YORK
230707a.mp3  230707v.ppt   SATURN IN 2023
30721a.mp3  230721v.ppt   PERSEID METEORS  IN 2023
230804a.mp3  230804v.ppt   BETA  PERSEI, THE DEMON STAR		
230818a.mp3  230818v.ppt   VISUAL BINARY STARS
230901a.mp3  230901v.ppt   AUTUMN STARS IN 2023
230915a.mp3  230915v.ppt   JUPITER IN 2023
231106a.mp3  231006v.ppt   ASOLAR ECLIPSE OF 2023 OCTOBER 14