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    Attilla Danko, of Canada, compiles forecasts for astronomy sky 
conditions, called Clear Sky Clocks, for hundreds of sites in North 
America. The clocks are colored graphs for the 48 hours following the
instant moment for cloud cover, seeing, transparency, temperature, 
and other items.
    The two clocks below are for NYSkies starviewing sites in
Central Park, Manhattan, and Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn.

Here is the explanation of the colors in each bar in the clock.
    The list below for clocks within 100 kilometers of Manhattan is adapted from Danko's website.
'Preview' is the 'cloud cover' and 'transparency' bars from the complete clock, with hours lined
up with those on the two NYSkies clocks above. Click on the town to see details about its clock 
on his website. Please mind that the clocks generally still use oldstyle measures, not metric. Be
careful when interpreting their readings.

Clear Sky Clocks within 100Km of New York City

Km Bearg Town Preview Place name
0 ----- New York NY Central Park
16 SE Brooklyn NY Floyd Bennett Field
18 SW Willowbrook SI Astrop Obsy, College of Staten Is
21 NW Upper Montclair NJ Montclair State University
24 N Paramus NJ Buehler Obsy, Bergen Commty Coll
27 W Cranford NJ Sperry Obsy, Union Co Coll
32 N Hastings-on-Hudson NY Draper Park
40 NW Boonton NJ Sheep Hill Observatory
43 NE Port Chester NY Port Chester
43 NE Oyster Bay LI Oyster Bay
43 S Holmdel NJ Holmdel
45 SW New Brunswick NJ Schommer Obsy, Rutgers Univ
47 N Suffern NY North East Astronomy Forum
30 W Randolph NJ Morris County Observatory
30 NE Greenwich CT Bowman Observatory
50 NE Lloyd Neck LI Caumsett State Park
55 E Dix Hills LI Half Hollow Hills Planetarium
60 NE Stamford CT Stamford Observatory
63 E Robert Moses St Pk LI Robert Moses State Park
63 NW Highland Lks NJ Wawayanda State Park
68 SW Princeton NJ Peyton Hall, Princeton Univ
69 E Hauppauge LI Hauppauge
69 NE Cross River NY Ward Pound Ridge Reservtn
72 N West Point NY US Military Academy
72 NE Westport CT Rolnick Observatory
72 W Flemington NJ Deer Path Park
76 W Highbridge NJ Voorhees State Park
49 SW Colliers Mills NJ Colliers Mills Wldlf Mngmt Area
81 W Hope NJ Jenny Jump State Forest
82 NW Middleville NJ Swartswood State Park
82 S Lakehurst NJ Lakehurst
84 N Carmel NY Fahnestock Meml State Park
84 NE Bridgeport CT Boothe Memorial Park
87 NW High Point NJ High Point State Park
89 NE Danbury CT Obsy/Plm, Westn Conn St Univ
92 E Upton LI Brookhaven National Lab
92 NW Dingmans Ferry PA Delaware Water Gap Natl Rec Area
93 N Montgomery NY Montgomery
93 NW Montague NJ Montague
93 NW Port Jervis NY Port Jervis
97 W Ottsville PA Camp Onas
    While the sites are only ten or so kilometers apart, their hour-by-hour forecasts
are not the same. It is a common experience that an astronomer in one part of NYSkies land
receives a quite different weather from his colleague elsewhere in the territory.
    This page includes material reproduced with permission of Attilla Danko.

Last updated on 28 November 2007

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