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[Adapted from NYSkies acceptance letter for Night Sky Network]
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FROM: NightSkyInfo
TO: NYSkies Astronomy Inc
SENT: 2007 April 04 Wednesday 20:58

This is to notify you that NYSkies Astronomy Inc has been accepted
for membership in the NASA Night Sky Network. NASA/JPL and ASP are as
excited to have you as a member as we hope you are becoming a member!

A notice with your own username and password to log into the
pages of the Night Sky Network. At that time NYSkies will
show as an active member of the Night Sky Network in the Club Directory.

You will have access to the Night Sky Network Discussion Board and
all other member features. There is also a suggested press release you
can modify and send to your local newspapers and other media,
announcing your membership.

All these functions are accessed from the Club Coordinator Home
Page, which is displayed when you log in.

Your first Outreach ToolKit, Shadows & Silhouettes, will be
shipped to the NYSkies shipping address later this week. You should
receive the ToolKit no later than April 20th.

After NYSkies has been a member for at least three months and club
members have logged at least two events using the first ToolKit, it
will be eligible to receive the next available ToolKit.

Congratulations and thank you for your dedication to astronomy
public outreach. NASA, JPL, and the Astronomical Society of the
Pacific look forward to supporting the needs of astronomy clubs like
NYSkies and to serving as a catalyst to bring together those clubs who
share their love of the night sky with their communities.

= = = =

NEW YORK, NY, 2007 April 4
    NYSkies Astronomy Inc, located on Manhattan in New York City, has 
been selected by NASA to be a member of the Night Sky Network, a 
nationwide coalition of home-based astronomy societies committed to 
sharing their time, telescopes, and enthusiasm for astronomy with 
their local communities. NYSkies will soon receive its first Outreach 
ToolKit from NASA. Entitled "Shadows and Silhouettes", the kit is 
designed to help astronomers answer questions about how scientists 
study eclipses, transits, and occultatins.  NYSkies will use the 
Outreach ToolKit at public astronomy activities  catering to students 
of all ages. 
    Membership in the Night Sky Network includes training for NYSkies 
members, special opportunities for working with NASA scientists and 
educators, access to a dedicated website for communicating with other 
Night Sky Network participants, and public recognition by NASA for 
their outreach activities. 
    "NASA is very excited to be working closely with the amateur 
astronomy community", said Michael Greene, head of public engagement 
for NASA's Navigator Program based at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 
Pasadena, California. "Amateur astronomers want more people to look at 
the sky and understand astronomy, and so do we. We have a strong 
commitment to inspiring the next generation of explorers. Lending 
support to the energy that the amateur astronomy community brings to 
students and the public will allow NASA to reach many more people." 
    For more information go to 'nightsky.jpl.nasa.gov'. To find 
out about the schedule of programs sponsored by NYSkies, contact NSN
Coordinator Stephen Lieber at 'nyskies@nyskies.org' or visit 'www.nyskies.org'.
    The Night Sky Network is sponsored and supported by JPL's 
PlanetQuest public engagement program, NASA's Origins Forum and 
Structure and Evolution of the Universe Form, and the SETI Institute 
under NASA Grant NAG 2-6066 for the Kepler Mission.  PlanetQuest is a 
part of JPL's Navigator Program, which encompasses several of NASA's 
extra-solar planet-finding missions, including the Keck 
Interferometer, the Space Interferometry Mission (SIM), the 
Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF), the Large Binocular Telescope 
Interferometer (LBTI), and the Michelson Science Center (MSC).

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