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    Like in prior years, NYSkies offers the Observer's Handbook at a 
substantial discount to astronomers in the US. They do not have to 
plead and beg and grovel at listprice outlets for their copy. The 
situation is far in localities where there may be NO outlet to plead, 
beg, grovel at! 
    One of the benefits of astronomy clubs is that they can obtain a 
discount for a quantity of the book and pass the savings to their 
members. Your own club may do this already. 
    However, most clubs just can not get up enough requests to make a 
discount quantity. The club is too small or too few of its members 
appreciate the Observer's Handbook. The larger clubs usually secure 
the discounts while the little ones suffer to pay listprice. 
    That's why the small clubs turn to NYSkies. We secure the discount 
for them. They in turn get the Observer's Handbook with NO MINIMUM 
number required. Even if only a couple of their members want the book, 
they get it at the big-club discount. 
    Does this offer pass over the large clubs? No it doesn't. If your 
large club already has a working service for the Observer's Handbook, 
KEEP IT. It is a valuable club benefit that your members appreciate. 
    However, large clubs last year came to NYSkies for small numbers 
of the book. Why? They explained: 
  * New members missed the offer and your club did not want to make 
them wait a whole year for the next offer
  * Your club may allow only one copy from its supply but some members 
need a second copy for their observing site or car
  * The ongoing Depression thinned out the number of requests to less
than the discount minimum
  * Under the Depression some members skipped the Observer's Handbook
  * Your club's supply ran short of the membership needs
    Situations like these can be absolutely irritating to the chair of 
your club's OH service! In the past, that chair probably belly-ached at 
one of your club meeting, no? 
    Now that the OH is on the street, I do warn that THEY WILL ALL BE 
GRABBED UP VERY QUICKLY! No kidding. One factor for grabbing up the 
books with this discount is that the price includes pack & post to you! 
    So, consider the NYSkies discount at 'www.nyskies.org/oh.htm'. 

Last update on 24 September 2013

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