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    SpaceWalk begins with the June 2010 issue a second residence at 
the NYSkies website. Then to fore it was hosted at the website of the 
NYC Chapter of National Space Society.
    John Pazmino, NYSkies, inaugurated SpaceWalk in 2001 for the 
Chapter. At first it was published in the Chapter's paper newsletter, 
then moved to the Chapter's website. In its online version SpaceWalk 
quickly become one of the better circulated features in space 
    The chapter website was rearranged in 2011. SpaceWalk since 
then is now published only here at NYSkies.
    The current issue, a PDF file, is HERE. 
    SpaceWalk moved spacefarers into better appreciation for the 
ongoing routine benefits of space activities thru astronomy. Astronomy 
is a wonderful way to promote space more credibly to the public. 
    'Cassini found jets of ice on Saturn's moon Enceladus. That's 
Saturn right there above that telephone pole, a little to the right.' 
    'Look at the bottom edge of the Moon in the binoculars. See where 
the shadowy and sunlighted parts blend? That's where the LCROSS 
spacecraft crashed in October 2009.' 
    'The Hubble Deep Field looked as far away and as long ago as 
possible. There's the Big Dipper over that apartment tower. That's the 
first star in the handle and that other one is the back of the bowl. 
It's over the elevator hut, see it? Complete the triangle to the top. 
That's where the Hubble Deep Field is.' 
    'That's Venus shining over the sunset point. Venus Express found 
in spring of 2010 that the planet may still have active volcanos! It 
spotted lava flows that seem to be only a few thousand years old.' 
    Yet, for the most part, spacefarers and astronomers still do not 
routinely visit each other's websites. While spacefarers enjoyed 
SpaceWalk at the NSS website, most astronomers were missing it. 
    It turned time for SpaceWalk to be more handy to astronomers, to 
the same extent as it has been to spacefarers for a decade. SpaceWalk, 
beginning with the June 2010 edition, was now carried in both NSS and 
NYSkies websites. 
    The NSS website was rearranged in late 2011 such that SpaceWalk was
missed out. Since then it is carried only in NYSkies. 
    The current issue is HERE. 
    Like under NSS, only the current month's issue is online. Previous 
issues are obtainable, as they always were, directly from NYSkies at 
    There is no substantial change in theme or purpose of SpaceWalk. 
It helps the spacefaring advocate explain and interpret space activity 
in tangible ways, such as pointing out targets and destinations to the 
public in the local sky. 
    In the NYSkies website, be sore to look at NYC Events, This is the 
monthly calendar of astronomy and space events in and around New York 
City. Click the jump word at the top of this page. 
    Also start coming to the NYSkies Seminar. Its twice-monthly meetings 
are the ONLY regular meetings for spacefaring enhancement and dialog 
with astronomers anywhere in the City. Click its jump word at the top.

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